Seduce me Otome Game

Seduce me is a free to play visual novel on Steam.
It’s a nice project that has a kickstarter for the second game here:

Not sure if the first one had a kickstarter cause I found out about it way later.
The game is in English and along with written text there are voice actors for each character. The story is pretty interesting and you have the choice of five demon princes, or if you choice to forget them you have three female routes and one male route.
Mika is the main character and is faced with her Grandfather’s passing. Her father never got along with his father so the Dad is a little sensitive towards his daughter who the old man loved more than his son (or rather was more close too, he loved his son)

VERY sensitive

VERY sensitive

Depending on what you do achievements are met and unlocked. Hell you even get this mans approval if you answer the interrogation questions right.
Dad's Approval!

You’re choices are between James, Sam, Erik, Matthew and Damien.
My first time playing without any walkthroughs I ended up following Sam’s route.

Sam is a likable character, he is also the one that kisses you the first time he meets you.
He is a little rough with his speech and acts though as well, deep down he is really caring and loves his brothers a lot as well. Sam has super strength.
And also I think Sam is my inner voice..


Also in Sam’s case there is a extra story you can download which shows some happy sweet stuff, so that’s nice

Erik is the second one that kisses you to prove to you that they are Demons that feed of sexual energy. He is mostly portrait as a Playboy and gives of the feeling of carelessness.
He is deeply wounded and it is revealed that his mother would make him study the art of seduction even when he didn’t want to. He was raised to be submissive.
His extra power is dream weaving.
Erik first meeting

James is the first born and in my opinion a bit stuck up, at some point you have to pick to laugh or not, if you pick not you get points with him. He’s an alright character. As a child he was separated from his brothers because he is the heir and has to study and be shaped for the future. He has super intellect.
James Matthew is mistaken as the youngest one because of how he looks. He is delicate looking and the shortest of the brothers. He is however the second youngest, Damien being the youngest. Matthew is able to make objects or toys out of thin air..though that doesn’t always work the right way.
Doesnt want the doll mattew wut...Mathew why
When his mother got sad he would make toys for her to get her to laugh again. His character is fun and a little awkward but an over all sweet guy.

Damien.. Is the youngest of the brothers. He has  a troubled passed seeing as his mother wasn’t part of the King’s harem, this caused situations that made the story start up.
As far as I remember he was a little devious in the sense that he studied on his own, which wasn’t allowed since knowledge was something only James was allowed to have.
He has the ability to read thoughts.

As I’ve said before, there are human routes as well. Two of them are girls and one is a male. They are pretty special and maybe not as mind blowing as Demons but I think they have something to them that the other stories just don’t.
The last route you have is Diana, she his a succubus from the same realm as the brothers.
I would rather you play the game and follow these routes, they are more.. I’m not sure. I enjoyed the female routes because of how sweet they were and the other guy was cute as well.
There are walkthroughs to better help with the choices you have to make. Some are obvious and others influence people you wouldn’t think they influence.
There is also a Mika route. You pick yourself.
The development of your character..I had to die twice to get this route perfect and trust me sometimes it’s a pain.
Also in the Mika route you become a Demon Goddess.



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